Adventure In Canada

I recently found this picture that brought back great memories of the time I spent in Canada. I love the outdoors and the beauty of creation. One of the neatest places on earth is the Hockley Valley area in Ontario, near Orangeville. This picture was taken while I was sighting in my new 270 caliber rifle. A friend named Tim helped me enjoy some great adventures there Ontario. We also spent hours in the Hockley Valley General Store eating breakfast and discussing the Scriptures. The ski-doo in the picture above is one of the bikes we took to the Georgian Bay and rode across Lake Huron. We had a guide on those trips who would always say, as we looked across the beautiful landscape, “We are some lucky people.” I always laughed inside at that saying because we were more than lucky, we were BLESSED by an amazing God who created that beautiful place. Did I mention we did 100 mph across the iced over Lake Huron? Sometimes in life you have to slow down and smell the roses, while other times you speed up and enjoy the thrill of the ride!

Published by commonsensetheologian

I am an imperfect husband to a beautiful, smart, sweet imperfect wife, father of 7 imperfect children, a pastor, and an outdoorsman. I love adventure!

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