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A New Bible Study | About Old Truth

When a lie is repeated over and over it eventually becomes truth to the easily deceived. This is troubling because all humans have the ability to be deceived. As a Christian you will admit that the Bible is your rule of faith and practice, but that does not mean you are operating by biblical principles in your every day life. There is a great deception plaguing Christians today. It is the lie that we have believed from Satan. The lie says, you are just a sinner, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I was once deceived by this same lie. It ends up becoming the excuse for repeating the same sins over and over. I wrote the following Book/Bible Study to help Christians deny the lie and live the life God expects of everyone who belongs to him, “Be holy, as I am holy.” I pray it helps you, your children, and many others in your life find true meaning and satisfaction with a Holy God. We are overcomers! Please click the following link for the bookstore.

Published by commonsensetheologian

I am an imperfect husband to a beautiful, smart, sweet imperfect wife, father of 7 imperfect children, a pastor, and an outdoorsman. I love adventure!

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